The Tale of Truth

In ancient time it  day.  Isis  family wish there were like regular families. There son Delemyite  was able to see before time. Because of  his power he manage to keep his family together. His family was very poor. As each day went on dealing with limited amount of supplies everday Delemyite  goes to a well to gather water. One day he saw coins in the well he tried to get the coins but as he did he saw a vision. The vision was good. So he got the coins and went home. When he got home his mother ask him where he got the coins from and he told her he found them.   He didn’t noticein the vision there was a fawn and the fawn gave him the coins so he thought that meant it was for him. But it actually meant that if he took the coins he was going to tell his mother where he gets the coins from. So as he goes to the well everyday he gets more coins each day. He was not very forth coming   to her the coins were shortening. So he wasn’t able to buy supplies. As he went to the well that day he had a vision. It was bad his mother was taken by the fawn. So as he went home he decide to tell his story. But she was already gone. Each day he goes to the well. He looks in the well and says truth set me free.

Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther Jr.

It”s Februrary and that means black history month. The most famous African American know is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is best known for the civil rights movement. Nelson Mandela is a very generous man. After spending twenty eight years in incarnation he still came out with a positive  attitude. These two men are very important people. They both want to put and end to segregation. They both came out to a good finish. Today because of the civil rights movement Martin Luther King succeed. Nelson became the president of South Africa.

My heroic hero

This is my heroic hero. This track star is named Florence Griffith Joyner. She was known as the best female track racer. I chose her cause she inspire me. She is the best African American female to win a olympic gold metal. Joyner is the fastest female in track and field. She would be forever remembered.

The fourth book report

As she decided to go back home to Kentucky from trying to get away from the agency,she gets a visit from Dr.reed and Dr.Jimson. They came by for advice on not going back home .Melly promised then that she wouldn’t go back. Just before they had pass from a car accident.But she decided that the only way to get away was to go back home.Her and Anna Beth went to Kentucky not knowing that there great great great granddaughter live in the cabin that Melly was born.So as they have to find them a cave to live in,Melly runs into some trouble.They suspected of shoplifting for gum. When she really was trying to follow A.J.So as Ana Bethwas working hard while Melly was trying to follow A.j. Melly decides that the bothof them should go to her house and stay with her.But as you know that there satellites everywhere and the police track the two down and had charges for entering protected lands illegally.Then A.J Pays for the fees and they go inside and talk a little what there going to do as they get older. 

The final summary

Wooow as the book goes on and on every page has surprise.So as Amelia has her 100th bithday everything is getting more difficult in every situation. The two main doctors in the nusreying home got married. They decided to have the party at the nuserying home and that’s when Amelia realized that every year of her birthday she got a year younger.So as Amelia became a little bit sharper than usual.So as her weekly check up came up,she realized that she is losing her memory  as she was asking to doctors can you fix it and there stead not  answering.